Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Pop-up Café at Cupola Gallery 3rd & 10th December @CupolaGallery #RicksFastArt

Nicol (age 6 and three quarters) and Mark (age a lot more).

Rick has left the building. Well, the square, actually. Rick’s fast Art Takeaway in Orchard Square is over, but the legend continues.

Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Pop-Up Café will be open at Cupola Gallery, Hillsborough, Sheffield on 3rd & 10th December 12-4pm.

Cupola’s current show is entitled “Unique Beauty” & Rick will be there to deliver free children’s mini workshops, as well as selling readymade fast-art made from discarded materials. All takings are donated between the Archer Project & S6 Foodbank, supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.


A unique beauty indeed.

Ida (age 3) and Rick(age HOW MUCH!?).

“We are delighted to welcome Rick to Cupola. Come and enjoy some ‘fast art’ whilst supporting good causes.  Have a bit of fun and spread some festive cheer this season.” 
Karen Sherwood, Director.

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