Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 20: See no administrative evil, hear no administrative evil, speak no administrative evil – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway is an experiment, a stunt and a deeply cynical manipulation in some senses. It is also a contradiction, both real and fake, simultaneously. It looks like a friendly children’s workshop, and it is, but it harbours a very serious agenda about confronting the dystopia that we have created for ourselves, and our children.

I spotted this VR headset in the window of Ryman’s on my way to the shop today, I was tempted to buy one, for its value as a prop, the only thing missing is a plug for the mouth. Or a dummy, even better. However, I think this might belong in another piece of work. See no reality, hear no reality, speak no reality.

I decided against it. I’m near the end of the residency and time is running out, the sensory-deprivation monkey mask might be the jumping off point for a whole new work.

I have known the dates for this residency for several months but didn’t realise until less than a week ago that my last day would be Black Friday, it doesn’t feature prominently in my calendar.

But what a gift! Today, I had the idea make black fries for “Black Fries Day”. I would not have thought that the Turner Fries could be improved any further.

A few visitors today, along with a few awkward moments, as well as some inadequate photography on my part, but the conversations covered a lot of ground and it left me with lots to think about.

Thanks Helen.

Thanks Gary.

Chester was awarded the Order of the Chip on the Shoulder.

Thanks Malcolm.

On the way home, I was reminded of the almost impossible challenge to be satirist in a post-cultural world.

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