This Black Friday, rather than queueing up to buy artificially-discounted consumer durables that you really don’t need, why not come to Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway and buy some art made from rubbish that you really don’t need instead? Rather than giving your money to tax-dodging millionaires, why not give your money to a local charity that supports people fucked over by tax-dodging millionaires?

I grew up in this area and there have never been people sleeping rough in Sheffield city centre until recent years. When members of parliament get pay rises, and Lords snooze in their upper chamber at a cost to us of £300 per day, ordinary people are working two jobs and many are not even just about managing.

This Black Friday 24th November will be the last day of Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway in workshop 14 in Orchard Square, Sheffield (first floor, above Costa). But rather than being a carnival of consumption, I will be hosting an all-day, drop-in discussion day, talking about our city in decline, our country in decline, the failure of both central and local government, over-consumption, over-population, gentrification, social cleansing, the destruction of the environment, the collapse of our ecosystem, tax dodging, financial speculation, war for profit & the proliferation of gambling.

Fun for all the family, including nibbles, drinks and prizes.

There will also be special offers on existing stock, such as one-for-the-price-of-two as well as buy-one-get-one-for-the-same-price. All takings will be donated to the Archer Project, a local charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.

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