Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway day 13: Pasty or pasties? That is the question. #Making Ways #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

Only one visitor today, my friend and fellow artist, Eddy Dreadnought who paid over the odds for a plate of beans on toast. I am now running low on beans on toast and will have to get a fresh batch on the go.

We had a long chat about the broader conceptual elements of the takeaway, including, homelessness, inequality, waste, environmental destruction and the collapse of our ecosystem. We just laughed and laughed.

I prepped some more materials for making beans on toast, pepperoni, basil etc. Because I have started to feel the cold here, I bought two pasties from Greggs, a festive pasty and cheese and onion and scoffed them both. I knew it was a mistake, although I enjoyed them at the time. One is plenty and two gave me indigestion.

Today was the first day that the cold made me uncomfortable by the end of the day and I have resolved to close the door to the workshop from now on. I’ll have to make a sign to encourage people in.

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