Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 12: Poppies & Pizza – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

What a day. Stuart came back to do some hard selling in the pizza suit and it really worked. I did small string of mini workshops with people that Stuart had nabbed in the street. He offered to do more later in the day but I declined as I was so tired by that point. I keep telling people, I don’t do this kind of work normally, I usually work in digital media or print and often this most taxing physical strain is sore eyes and a numb bum. This is a completely different experience for me.

Nicol (age 6 and three quarters) and Mark (age unknown).


Sister & brother age 10 and 8.

Molly (age 3).

The spin pizzas have been universally well received and it worked well with children of three, six, eight and ten years. It also seems to work well with those with more than one decade behind them. Beans on toast is the most popular meal after the spin pizzas and I used the description of its detailing to give a micro-lecture on abstraction to some of the kids. Another box ticked.

I had no takers for my drop-in poppy-making workshop, but I only thought of that close to the date when I realised Saturday was going to be Armistice Day, and only pushed it on Facebook. The debate around poppy-wearing is yet another swamp of hysteria whipped up by the media and I might discuss it more at another time. However, I am quite pleased with my prototype spin-poppies, both red and white.

Thanks Richard.

Thanks Tracey.

Thanks Jackie.

I’ll report on the unsymposium in another post.

Thanks Stuart.

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