Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 10: Performance pizza – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

The irrepressible Stuart Faulkner.

My friend and fellow artist Stuart Faulkner came to visit today and offered to inhabit the pizza box outfit. He is exactly the the kind of extrovert I need for this and we did a short test run where he terrorised some of the shoppers in Orchard Square. Standard British reticence did not yield immediately to Stuart’s charms but the suit works and we are going to try it more at a later date.

My mum and dad came to visit today (but I don’t seem to have a photo) and bought a Full English and beans on toast and I had another journalism student, Tom Holden, who got an article online later the same day.

Thanks Paul.

Another friend and artist Paul Evans attempted a Sarah Lucas reference making a rather vaginal stuffed pitta bread and we discussed other bread-based tropes that might be employed. I seem to be missing some photos from today. I can’t imagine I didn’t snap my mum or the suggestive digestive but they don’t seem to be on my iPhone. It will all be on the timelapse but I can’t understand what happened there. I might add some still from the timelapse later.

I primed some slides in readiness for my planned PowerPaint™ presentation at Saturday’s Unsymposium.

I’ve collected a lot more media than I can deal with, day to day, and I might add more to these blog posts after the residency finishes.

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