FORTHCOMING EVENTS at Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

Rick’s is an informal, drop-in kind of takeaway but there will be some specific, timed events too.

Rick’s will be open as usual on Saturday 11th November 10am-5pm and, seeing as it is Armistice Day, I will be running an all-day, drop-in, poppy-making workshop and we will assemble them into a large wreath on one of the walls. You can make either a red or white poppy, out of paint or origami, using simple techniques, suitable for all abilities & child-friendly.

Also on Saturday, after the takeaway closes, between 5pm and 7pm will be Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Unsymposium (adults only) with refreshments provided, and I will be giving a short performance-lecture at about 6pm. The content of the lecture will be about consumption, waste, environmental destruction and food, and will be humorous but may contain some strong language.

Rick’s will be having a drop-in Special Snowflakes Workshop (date tbc), where you can learn to make snowflakes and stars out of discarded fast food wrappers. There will also be some other discussions, and there will be a closing event towards the end of the residency, dates and times to be confirmed.

You are welcome to drop-in at any time to buy some fast-art or bring along your discarded food wrappers and fast-food flyers and I will teach you how to make them into origami butterflies.

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