Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 9: Back trouble – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

I made my first donation today. I can’t deny being a little disappointed that I had not made more after a whole week, but with the lack of footfall in that area, it might be more realistic to spend the time making stuff and selling it later in more prominent venues during the pre-Christmas frenzy.

Tesco giving me mixed messages.


After my weekly shift washing pots in the café at the Archer Project, my back really hurt. Usually, I walk home and sit down for the rest of the day but I had the brilliant idea of late night opening at Rick’s. The hours are not the problem but I wonder if I have actual “back trouble” or if four hours of washing up is that painful for everybody. All this bending over is taking its toll and I must admit I never considered the physical strain of the residency.

I’m not complaining, it’s the most I’ve ever been paid to be an actual artist, even though, counting the hours in the shop and the additional hours preparing, and the hours editing the video and writing the blog posts, it works out to be less than minimum wage. I am not required to do so many hours, and so it does have a perversely satisfying irony.

A few visitors today, including my friend Jill and another journalism student, Hannah. Jill went off-piste with her demands and designed an egg-topped spin pizza with black olives. Crazy.

I taught Hannah how to make an origami butterfly and she added it to the splat painting.

The outside door is left open all day and, despite having windows on three sides, no-one comes in if the door is closed. For the first time, I felt the cold today and so packed up five minutes early.

Butterfly prints using Greggs food wrappers, for making decorated origami butterflies.

Chips with everything. Obvs.

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