Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 8: The Warhol of Waste – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

Today, I was interviewed by Jenny Eells for for BBC Radio Sheffield, and she christened me the “Warhol of Waste”. I’m okay with that. I already having lots of beautiful friends and all I need now is some patrons with more money than sense. It’s good that she picked up on the waste aspect before I mentioned it. I remember back in the 1970s there was widespread awareness of the problem of dealing with human waste, and that was long before the proliferation of bottled water and disposable coffee cups. It’s just got worse and worse.

The world is drowning in shit and it’s our fault. I don’t feel guilty about the brown cardboard, much of what I’m using is already 100% recycled and biodegradable, but despite my own awareness, it’s difficult to avoid accumulating waste on a daily basis. I don’t try to be a purist, by any means, but I do try to remain aware and talking about the excesses of human consumption is part of the stealth element to Rick’s.

If you want to listen to me umming and ahing incoherently, scroll through to 1 hour 48 minutes in.

Here is my re-purposing of disposable Caffé Nero cups, donated by Bryan Eccleshall to a previous pile of rubbish (literally) I made in 2013. I’m not sure what the environmental impact is of these cups, but they seeded tomatoes and chillis and eventually fell apart and went to recycling. That previous devastating satire was entitled The New Bank of X Get Rich Rich Pyramid Networking Scheme.

I also had a long conversation with Callum, a post-graduate journalism student from Sheffield Hallam University. He bought some beans on toast.

I also worked on origami butterflies and added them to the splat painting, batch-cooked a load of ingredients for the Full English breakfasts and experimented with making poppies for Armistice Day.

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