Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 7: Unmaked – #MakingWays #CityOfMakers #RicksFastArt

“Let all the world know that the power of kings, politicians and captains of industry is empty and worthless.”
The Great Cnut, King of England, Denmark & Norway (AD 995 – 1035)

For a second time, I forgot to bring the standees in at the end of the day. The previous time, it didn’t rain, but this time Mother Nature let me know how empty and worthless is the power of artists. I’ll make some new plastic pizzas with the leftover bits of Correx.

On the plus side, I had my first unpaid intern today, my friend Gary, who helped me for most of the day.

I always work alone (not in the movie cliché sense) but it was very welcome, although strange, to have someone helping me and we installed a new (waterproof) sign.

We think it needs an arrow, plus a bit more text.

We also assembled and tested the pizza box costume.

A productive day and a few sales.


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