Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day 5: Ouch – #CityOfMakers #MakingWays #RicksFastArt

I don’t know how proper craftspeople do this kind of work all day. I’m knackered! Whilst it might not look like hard work, the sheer constant physical effort is quite draining. Some elements are more difficult to cut than others and have quickly established themselves into a hierarchy of pain. My least favourite job is cutting the bacon rashers.

I have worked mostly in digital media for many years and that is tiring in a very different way. I am developing callouses on my right hand from all the cutting with scissors. I already have repetitive strain injury in that arm, due to all the computer mouse wiggling I did in the 1990s, but this is a different kind of much more muscular stress.

I covered another table with cardboard, to keep it clean and also to accumulate the marks of making.

Today was my busiest day by far and I had a couple of hours where I was constantly occupied with visitors. Still nowhere near enough but we have plans to take the marketing to the next level at the weekend.

Chris Graham won the Turner Fries. Sponsored by Tater.

Oops, forgot to get their names but thanks for the sale.

Matthew Eggleton.

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