Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway – Day 4: Rickz Meanz Beanz #CityOfMakers #MakingWays #RicksFastArt

Prototype beans on toast.

Day four and I’m starting to work more effectively on batch production. However, the abstract simplicity of the beans on toast belies how time-consuming they are to make. Each bean is cut individually and the brown cardboard needs two coats of paint. Also, the crust are very fiddly to put on and require rubber band to hold them together until the glues dries. Whereas the spin pizzas are very abstract, the beans on toast is more of a cartoon interpretation and requires a certain minimum of detailing to make it convincing. The bread crust is one of those details.

Simplified slices of toast with crusts being applied.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but today I had the idea of making a christmas dinner. Here is the maquette:

It is not so immediately satisfying as the Full English but it might work a lot better when it is painted. Included elements are turkey, stuffing balls, bacon, pigs-in-blankets, broccoli, carrots, French beans, sprouts, mashed potato and Yorkshire pudding. This is my first attempt and the list of elements might change before it’s finished.

So don’t worry if you haven’t booked a Christmas meal out, you can pick one up at Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway during my final week.

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