Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway – Day Two: Whatever #CityOfMakers #MakingWays #RicksFastArt

Prototype beans on toast with butter and an asymmetric cut.

Nobody came on day one. Not literally no-one, but you know what I mean. The guy who runs Q Tattoo put his head around the door to say hello, a man came in asking if I knew where he could get tape to bind the stems of flowers together, a young couple asked me where a hairdressing salon is located and a man was looking for artists to draw impressions of the pulp cartoon character Doc Savage.

The only people who came to see Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway were Kirsty and Dave, who are friends. However, despite the lack of footfall, Kirsty is as lively as a roomful of people so it did feel busy for a while and the day ended on a high.

My only sale on day two, but she was delighted.

Nobody came on day two. Not literally no-one but you know what I mean. However, I did have one genuine random sale to someone that doesn’t already know me. After the lack of visitors on day one, I was a bit disheartened but, by the end of day two I had resigned myself to thinking about the project differently. I have no problem working on my own and have relished the focus of having no other distractions, but as it was my intention to also raise money for the Archer Project, and this bit is just not working. However, if I only get a few visitors and a few sales over the month, I will treat it more like the residency that it is, build up my stock and maybe sell them at Christmas markets.

Experimental vegan pizza.

I am nothing if not adaptable, and I have to accept that the location and idea might be more of a hard sell than I thought, but I am having fun so whatever.

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