Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway – Day 3: cooking with gas #CityOfMakers #MakingWays #RicksFastArt

After my disappointment at the weekend, I started afresh on Monday and decided to tidy up and rearrange the space. I met Sue and Les, two of the staff at Orchard Square, asked for more furniture, set up a second time-lapse camera and eased myself into more of a making rather than selling routine.

Reuse, repurpose, recycle.

I have worked mostly in digital media for many years and I’m learning a lot about paint, glue and cardboard. Although I am familiar with all these materials, I am getting to know the subtleties of their properties in a way that I have never before. I know this, of course, but now I am really beginning to believe that not all paint is the same, and some is not paint at all. I bought a bottle of red poster paint from Wilko (as a back-up) and it’s “pigment” disappeared overnight. Not all reds are the same and sometimes red is not red at all.

Another new experience for me is that I now have a favourite pair of scissors and am developing callouses on my right hand from cutting cardboard.

Adding crusts to a batch of wholemeal toast.

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