Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway Day One – or – Man cannot live on Greggs alone #CityOfMakers #MakingWays #RicksFastArt

What I learned on day one:

  1. There is no passing trade on the first floor of Orchard Square. Nothing. The only people coming into that collection of small units are people going to a specific business that they know are there; a tattoo parlour, a wargames shop, a jeweller and a tailor, and it appears that none of their customers are my target demographic.
  2. In that part of the city, you become acutely aware of the passing of time due to the quarter-hour chimes of the Town Hall clock.
  3. There are numerous creature comforts that you take for granted at home (where I work most of the time) that are not automatically provided when you occupy an empty retail unit. No kitchen, no sink, no kettle, no water, no music, no bed (for napping) and no privacy.

Although I have run a shop project before, on day one I kept thinking of things that I really should have thought of before. However, being in the city centre, everything is only a stone’s throw away, although you have to pay for every last thing.

Back in five mins. R-)

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