I’ve never done this before. What could possibly go wrong? #RicksFastArt @OrchardSquare

Comfort zones, who needs ’em?

Although I have made installation, improvisational and performance work before, I have never exposed myself so fully to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as I have with Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway. I am committed to create work that I have never made before, deliver impromptu workshops to children and people with special needs, interact with the general public, give talks about the work and work five days a week for less than the UK average wage.

How hard can it be?

Quite hard, actually, but it could be worse. Much worse. I don’t have to sleep in a doorway and I don’t have to ask people for money to pay for my next meal. I’ve been hungry, but never because I couldn’t afford to eat, mainly due to bad management.

The workshops are free for children and include a goodie bag of bits and bobs, but wage-earning adults have to pay. You can either buy ready-made fast-art, make your own fast-art (under my expert supervision) or have me make it to order while-u-wait, all at prices similar to the real thing. All takings will be donated to the Archer Project, a local charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.

Rather like Wetherspoons, I have decided to have a weekday menu and Saturdays will be pizza day. See you tomorrow.

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