The tyranny of the blank plate. Nine-inch or eight-inch? That is the question. #RicksFastArt #ArtistUpstairs @OrchardSquare

It is very common in creative practice to eventually throw out the very first idea you had for a project, and I am throwing out the paint pizza. Sounds radical, I know, but what I failed to remember from my first (successful) experiments is that, although they are very easy and quick to make, they take nearly two days to dry, and that is not fast-art.

Relief pizza maquette.

Don’t panic, there will be pizza, but it will be relief-pizza and spin-pizza, both of which are achievable within a fast-art timeframe.

What’s more, I have allowed myself to be distracted by new ideas and it looks like I’m not going to have time to master sushi rolling before the first day of Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway on Saturday. Those of you gagging for a platter of polystyrene topped with rubber, or California rolls made of packing foam and litter, fear not, I will be working on sushi during the month of my residency. Again, don’t panic, there will be plenty to feast (your eyes) upon from day one during my time in Orchard Square.

Experimental mini-fish special with skin-on, hand-cut chips and mushy peas.

I will be open for business from Saturday 28th October, including Sunday 29th for the Out-Of-This-World festival in Sheffield city centre, where you can drop-in for fast-art or a simple alien mask-making workshop. Child-friendly, adult-friendly, alien-friendly, free and all welcome.

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