Work-in-progress: All Day Breakfast (available until 11am) #RicksFastArt #ArtistUpstairs @OrchardSquare

Me: “it’s not real.”
Me: “I know, but…”
Me: “It doesn’t have to look like the it’s real.”
Me: “I know, but…”
Me: “It’s a joke, a satire, it only needs to be approximate.”
Me: “I know, but…”
Me: “It needs to be easy to make. Simple, easy and quick.”
Me: “I know, but…”

The three core items that I proposed for the opening day of Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway are paint pizzas, cardboard sandwiches and polystyrene sushi. But I just can’t help coming up with new ideas and I am going to use the month in the space to work on other dishes, all made from discarded items and rubbish.

A classic British dish is the Full English. For those of you unfamiliar with the special pleasure that is British cuisine, the Full English is usually eaten as a breakfast and comprises bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, toast, fried bread, baked beans, black pudding, or a sub-set of the above, and sometimes a hash brown. I had a Full Irish in Dublin recently, and it’s more or less the same, but with both black pudding and white pudding. Rick’s might include a reversible black/white pudding so it can appeal to a wider demographic. Here is the progress of my prototype Full English.

I started with a maquette that I was so pleased with, I hardly dared add paint to it.

Then I added the first attempt at colour.

And I was kind of happy with that, apart from that raw-looking bacon (“It’s not real”). But it is very reminiscent of those candy rock eggs and bacon, so whatever. But those sausages just don’t look good at all (“It’s not real”), and the fried egg disappears into the white of the plate (“It’s not real”).

Decided to accept the obviously uncooked bacon and re-painted the plate a creamy colour, but those sausages were bugging me. These are much better and the broken line of charring is very pleasing. Also added a slice of black pudding. Hmmm… those mushrooms (“It’s not real”).

Phew! Painted the mushrooms a lighter grey and added a little detail. Also added detail to tomato, but not sure about that… (“It’s not real”).

There will be fast-art available to buy immediately but don’t expect all dishes to be available from day one. Regular customers will get a loyalty card qualifying them for a range of mystery benefits, and these will be available once I have decided what they are. This project is an artist’s residency and things will change as I go along, so please come and visit more than once. The first week is Sheffield half-term and I will be open for drop-in workshops and DIY shenanigans.

All takings from sales will be donated to the Archer Project, a charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.


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