OPENS SATURDAY! Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway opens 28th October in Orchard Square, Sheffield

I had been struggling to find photos of my original experiments with paint pizza, and that is because it is more than four years ago, rather than the two years that it feels like. Age has many compensations, despite its curses, but the years fly by faster all the time.

One of the first paint pizzas, 2013, cardboard & poster paint.

Under-painting layer for Pizza – 2015, pizza dough & tomato sauce.

I am not sure where the idea came from, initially, but I am one of those compulsive food snappers and sometimes real food is genuinely a work of art, not just in the culinary sense.

Chicken & Jalapeño Pizza Slice – 2014, Greggs, pizza bread, tomato sauce, cheese, chicken & jalapeño peppers, dimensions vary

I miss the square, bready pizza slices that Greggs used to sell. The above could be by Joseph Beuys or Antoni Tapies, but it’s not. It’s by Jane at Greggs at the bottom of The Moor in Sheffield. Like Beuys said, it seems that everyone is an artist after all.

If you would like own your own takeaway fast art, come and see me at Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway 28th October – 24th November in Orchard Square, Sheffield, UK. I will be in one of the small craft units on the first floor mezzanine level, between Waterstones and Costa Coffee. There will be fast art to buy, and freshly-made art, while-u-wait, as well as drop-in workshops where you can make you own fast-art (child-friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities).



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