Prêt à Amuser – Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway opens 28th October 2017 in Orchard Square, Sheffield #RicksFastArt #ArtistUpstairs

Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway is a forthcoming art exhibition / installation / performance / residency that will be open to the public from 28th October to 24th November 2017 in Orchard Square, Sheffield. I will be making and selling lookalike fast food, made from a combination of cardboard, polystyrene, glue and poster paint, on sale at prices similar to the real thing.

You will have a choice of buying ready-to-enjoy fast art, or have it freshly made, while-u-wait. There will also be several All-U-Can-Art Lunchtime Buffet workshops where you can learn to make your own fast art (suitable for all ages and abilities), along with other presentations and discussion events.

Initially, there will be a choice of pizza, sandwiches and sushi, all made from rubbish, and washed down with a fruity-looking drink, and I will be working on creating other convenience art during my residency. There will also be meal deals, loyalty cards and opportunities to be an unpaid intern.

The shop unit I will be occupying is on the first floor level at the entrance to the the craft units, sandwiched between Waterstones and Costa Coffee.

Entry is free and please drop in at any time (opening times and dates to be confirmed), and I will be blogging and regularly posting stuff online, tagged with #RicksFastArt and #ArtistUpstairs.

All takings from the sale of fast art will be donated to the Cathedral Archer Project, supporting homeless people in Sheffield.

Rick’s Fast Art Takeaway is part of Making Ways, a new programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

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